Bespoke Leadership Development

Being a good leader starts with natural potential, and requires well rounded development – there’s a lot to it – but the results are worth it.


Genuine | Holistic | Grounded | People Centric

Task Achievement Process
A complete system adapted for business based on the Army’s main planning tool
Creating Operational Tempo
A complete system adapted for business based on the Army’s main planning tool
Business Operating Systems
How to synchronise wider business areas for maximum effect
Smart Communication
How disciplined communication improves a plans outcome
Intent Based Leadership
How trust and competence in a team can deliver exponential results
Mindset Development
Apply high performance sport and military principles
Real Life Stories & Lessons Learned
Share how it went on the ground in training and operations
Interactive, Practical & Engaging
Group discussion, table top exercises and business scenarios
Experiential Learning
Speed up the learning process by putting people through their paces
Strength in Diversity
Unleashing your diverse team to team to enhance outcomes


Steve, IT Dept Manager
The workshop is rustic and to the point. The facilitators had a knack for creating space for meaningful conversation, and knowing when to adapt the flow to enhance our development.


Tim, Team Leader
As well as learning more about leadership techniques, I ended up getting to know my peers better, Hearing we were experiencing the same challenges brought us closer together.


Pete, Cross Chanel Manager
The fact we weren’t in a board room, and it wasn’t death-by-power point was a win in itself. The variety in training was engaging, and their team had real world knowledge which they shared with great transferrable stories


Challenge yourself surrounded by high achievers, at the edge of your comfort zone. Reconnect with yourself, the land and some guys who (trust us) you’ll want to sit around the camp fire with…
Based on our leadership framework, we design a 1-3 day workshop that delivers to your needs. Our team of instructors will have your leaders better prepared to take your vision, and through their team, achieve a high standard of output. A couple of useful ‘war stories’ along the way.
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