What is Student Leadership?

Leadership comes natural to some but to reveal the potential requires development in order to be a sound leader. 

If we define student leadership, it can lend itself to many meanings, including how students make decisions, lead their lives, how they contribute to their communities and the development of their character. Student leaders can possess the qualities of emotional intelligence, problem solving, strong communication and having purpose. 

Of course, the meaning of student leadership can look different to each individual. People can be innately self-driven and consciously make the choice to be leaders, or it’s developed with the right support and opportunities presented to them through leadership programmes, in order to build on those skills.  

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

– John Maxwell

What the role of a student leader looks like?

The role of a student leader can take various forms. From providing a vision, being a role model to other students, offering peer support, through to inspiring and displaying effective time management.

A student leader can demonstrate, promote and encourage involvement from peers by creating a positive school community. This can include, but it is not limited to:

  • Organising events and clubs with fellow students
  • Regular committee meetings
  • Participating in school community activities
  • Contributing or giving back to the school
  • Event initiations
  • Display pride in oneself, their school and community
  • Ability to work and collaborate with others
  • Show strong leadership and organisational skills

There are a number of student leadership qualities which enable better performance of these roles. These qualities can be developed and in doing so will have far reaching benefits beyond school.

The Purpose of Student Leadership

Why is student leadership important? By providing opportunities at school or at home for students; help with developing qualities for children’s success in their future careers and personally.  

Students with leadership skills will help with their personal growth, assist with developing a sense of pride, build their self-worth and cultivate high levels of engagement.  

Being a student leader goes beyond being a role model at school. The opportunities to have meaningful input into decisions at school or wider settings enhances a students’ sense of belonging, and provides students with a sense of connectedness and community. This in turn, contributes to long-term health benefits and wellbeing. 

Leadership is a life skill that needs to be nurtured.

How can Future Leaders Academy help with developing our next leaders?

Access to practical leadership development in both the youth space and business sector is lacking. We feel there is a real need to help our future leaders with the tools and support to develop their leadership skills. 

Future Leaders Academy (FLA) offers hands-on engaging leadership programmes. Although our top programmes are running advanced student leaders’ trips to the Pacific Islands, we also work with the New Zealand Government, schools, corporates and clubs. 

​Our team has a diverse background from the military, business, youth development, to government and international expeditions across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.  Strength from multi-cultural unity is an asset, and we foster that connection and understanding, to build high performing student leaders and teams.

We believe in developing people leaders who have the tools to influence positive change in their personal lives, workplace, and community, while strengthening values and culture.

– Future Leaders Academy

If you are driven to be a student leader in your school, or are an existing student leader excited to do more, see our student leadership programmes.

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